For MG quality is not only inspection; quality to us means doing the job right the first time..

We’ve always delivered quality work, and we are continually striving to improve our performance, overcome any obstacle may appear, Through TOTAL QUALITY MANAGEMENT, to meet customer’s satisfaction.


Trusted by today’s leading companies in building materials, we deliver quality buildings smoothly, retaining a steady rhythm to take away any stress from our customers. From design to delivery, we control every aspect of construction to guarantee great customer’s satisfaction through cost leadership and a right on time, in budget and at the highest standards quality of work, mentality.

All our customers appreciate the functionality, the energy saving and the exceptional design of their building as they take pride and their fixed assets grows as well.


The forming of a detailed construction plan is a fundamental and most challenging activity in the management and execution of every construction project. In developing a detailed construction plan, it is common to place emphasis on either cost control or on schedule control, ALWAYSkeeping the bottom line balanced.

If a budget is given a detailed construction plan is the basis for developing the schedule for work.If a task is given a detailed construction plan is the basis for developing the budget of the project and the timeline of the work.

Developing a detailed construction plan is such a critical process in the management of construction as it has to determine, describe and involve the following factors: